DigitalGARD DLP Consulting Difference

Our Consultants provide the knowledge, expertise, and industry intelligence to help your team better architect, design, implement, and optimize your DLP investment. Combining DigitalGARD proven best practices with your organization’s unique business challenges and goals, our consultants develop sustainable and efficient processes and solutions. The value of a well-planned and effectively implemented DLP program can be seen in measurable risk reduction across the enterprise. A mature Data Loss Prevention Program is scalable and operationally efficient as well as dynamic enough to handle business process changes or corporate acquisitions. Mature DLP Programs provide you with improved employee security awareness and education.

DigitalGARD Service Upgrade / Expansion

Upgrade/Expansion includes:Assessment of current state in relation to desired state and strategic planning and implementation to meet enterprise risk reduction goals.-Architecture and design for proposed new/upgraded components-Governance framework review and refresh.-Upgrade, installation, and integration execution-Knowledge transfer for technical and business resources.

DigitalGARD Service: DLP Servicing Offering

Data Loss Prevention Servicing Offering many DLP implementations are solely technology focused, resulting in incomplete, inefficient, and costly implementations. Symantec DLP consultants support customers in developing the framework for the integration of DLP technology within an organization’s processes and people. Every engagement includes a dedicated Project Manager and project-specific documentation. DLP Technical Architects provide strategic planning and deployment of large scale implementations, upgrade, and customization services DLP Program Architects bridge the gap between successful technical implementations and end-to-end business process integration.

DigitalGARD Service: Program and Technical Maturity Assessment

Program and Technical Maturity Assessment is the evaluation of the people, process and technology deployment of DLP in relation to the other DigitalGARD DLP Maturity Model and other DLP customers. Assessment and gap analysis using the DigitalGARD DLP Maturity Model Comparison of maturity to similar organizations Strategic and tactical recommendation to further mature the DLP Program.

DigitalGARD Service: New Installations

New Installation includes: Technical and Program focused architecture, design and implementation services.- Architecture and design for the environment-Governance framework design-Enterprise implementation planning -Installation, testing, and validation Knowledge transfer for technical and business resources.

DigitalGARD Service: Strategic Support

Strategic Support consist of focused support, maintenance, or improvement of an existing DLP environment and program. Implementation of recommendations made during a Maturity Assessment Strategic planning activities to determine environmental readiness for expansion.